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About  Tammy
Board advisor
and writer
About  Tammy
Approved Board Advisor
Advises entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations, on market testing, new business models, expansion, 
go-to-market, funding, and business scaling strategies.
Industry Category Expertise
Specialist expertise in high growth tech and financial services, across blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, investment management and banking.
Marketing, Growth and Expansion
Notably one of the best and most sought out strategic marketers in the industry and the founder of a global marketing consultancy.
Innovation and Digital Disruption
An advocate of innovation and digital disruption constantly challenging the status quo to drive positive change and achieve competitive advantage.

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Approved Board Adviser

As a professionally qualified advisory board member, Tammy can help with:
Insight & advice on strategic priorities
Advisory board participation
Stakeholder representation, engagement, and advocacy
Marketing Consultancy
Working either as a strategic marketing consultant within your business or as an outsourced marketing resource, Tammy is a trusted and collaborative marketing partner driving your business forward
Thought Leadership

Expert Panels and Articles

Expert Panels and Articles

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About Tammy

Tammy Paola is a marketing and strategy leader with a distinctive understanding of the global innovation economy. With  more than two decades of professional experience, Tammy has honed her skills in team development, market share growth, brand leadership, customer loyalty cultivation, and new product and service launches.

Tammy spent nearly two decades in traditional financial services. She held various leadership roles at companies like Perpetual Investments, Citibank Private Wealth Management, and ANZ Private Wealth Management catering to institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and family office clients. She also served as a policy adviser for the Australian Government’s Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms.

Tammy’s influence extends beyond corporate roles; she co-founded one of the world’s first Robo-Advisor platforms that was later acquired by a US corporation. This venture marked her entry into the world of high-growth tech companies where she has advised companies across fintech, venture capital, and blockchain. Additionally, she has led the ICO launch for several successful token projects and consulted to cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

In recent years, Tammy’s focus on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 industry and her insightful perspectives on these topics have made her a sought-after thought leader in these fields. She currently sits on the Advisory Council for Blockchain Europe and is an associate member of the European Blockchain Alliance.

Tammy’s professional experience spans across international markets, including the UK, Europe, and the US, and Australia. She holds a B. Economics, a M. in Business (MBA), and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.
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